For many of us who work in an office, the majority of our week will be spent on the job. The office becomes a second home since we spend so much time there. Unfortunately, with all this time spent at the office, day-to-day life can become quite mundane and predictable.

While many of us may not have the power or authority to assert such a drastic change in our workload to day activities, many of us do however have the power to control our workspace.

Our office desk in some ways represents who we are as a person. Our desk can reveal our likes, hobbies, and even traits. But this only happens when we put a little work into creating a more ‘homely’ environment.

A dull, bland, and grey desk can have a negative effect on our mood while we work. Personalizing and decorating our workspace can have a significant increasement on our overall job satisfaction. While some people may see this as office clutter, others will see it as a meaningful personal display.
So with this in mind, here are 15 ways to help personalize your office workspace.

Bringing a bit of the outside, in, can make a world of difference. Various studies have been conducted looking at the effects of plants within the workplace. Not only will a desk planet help brighten up your desk, but it will also help you complete tasks faster. Studies have shown that office plants can increase the speed in which employees complete computer tasks by 12%.

We all enjoy getting some new stationery to fit into our pencil pot, so why not go all out and grab something which no one else has got. From pencil toppers to quirky sticky notes, these items are normally bright and inviting, which is sure to put a smile on your face.

Working in an office often leads us to stare at a computer screen for hours on end. Sometimes it’s best to just take a break, and what better way than to read a few pages of our favorite books.

Snacks are a great pick-me-up during a busy day. Having them ready at hand on your desk can help lift our mood, and can bring a nice look to the desk. Just be careful not to indulge too much in the more sugary snacks.

More often than not, keyboard and mouse mats tend to be dull, boring, and plain. Opt to buy a bespoke-made mat to brighten up your workstation. Add images from your favorite TV shows, movies, and musicians to help ramp up that personal feel.

Many of us forget about our computer background and screensaver and just leave it on the default setting. Search the internet for 1000s of free to use wallpapers to add that personal touch.

Depending on the lighting within your office, you may need your own personal lamp. A lamp can add a huge amount to the atmosphere of your workspace. But instead of opting for the more traditional business-looking lamps, why not go for something more homely.

When we’re feeling down or stressed, having a picture of someone who means most to us can help take the edge off. Whether this be a picture of your kids, partner, or pet, just be tasteful in the pictures you decide to choose.

With all this new stationery, we’re going to have somewhere to store it all. Having a fun, and a unique stationery organizer certainly beats having a boring and bland one.

Office workspaces are notoriously small and unwelcoming. While adding all that’s been said will help create a more vibrant and personalised environment, your workspace may still feel small. Adding a mirror can create the illusion of more space.

A pre-made personalized keyboard can be quite pricey. But there are such things as keyboard stickers. These allow you to easily add color and art to your keyboard, making it look unique and interesting.

Whether this be inside or on the outside of your drawers, adding wallpaper can give your office furniture a huge lift. With this one, subtlety is key. Don’t plaster every inch of your drawers with it. You’ll end up making them look tacky.

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